Training, coaching and mediation as an independent methodological approach for individual problem solving.

What is training?

The term training is probably the term most frequently encountered in a sporting context. There it means „training“ or „trying out“ with the aim of improving oneself. Here it has a very similar meaning. It is a question of training and the transfer of knowledge. In contrast to coaching, in training tips and clarifications are permitted; they are valuable and target-oriented. The aim is for me to pass on to you knowledge and competences that I have acquired as a trainer.

What is coaching?

Coaching does not involve giving you advice and explaining to you how you can best shape your life, because you yourself can best decide what is right for you. But everybody can find themselves in situations they are not happy with. And it can often be very hard to find a way out by oneself. My task as a coach is therefore to support you actively in such situations and in your search for the right solutions. To this purpose I work with systematics and methods individually tailored to your needs. It is most emphatically not my task as a coach to give my clients advice or even guidance; rather I am happy to support them so that they can feel contented in themselves, to trust in their own strength and to experience more connectivity and appreciation. I want them to feel fulfilled and happy in the present, so that they can look gratefully back to the past and confidently forward into the future. That is my goal in coaching.

What is mediation?

With the help of mediation a conflict can be dealt with very specifically. In contrast to coaching, where I can search for solution options with only one person involved in the conflict, in mediation it is important that all the parties to the conflict take part in the process. As a mediator I play a neutral role here. This means that I do not decide which party is in the right, but accompany them on the path to solutions to which all parties can say „yes“.